"The way this author writes, normal life is filled with innocent wonder."

John Z., Amazon review

Less than Perfect Storm

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[Less than Perfect 9]


The holidays should be a magical time for the band, but some of them are feeling less than wonderful. After spending Christmas with Gianni, Marty avoids him like the plague. And while Max is looking for the perfect ring, Silvia searches for “the one”…and a date for a ball she doesn’t want to attend.

Amber is drawn to Tyler, but she can’t understand why he keeps her at arm’s length even after he reluctantly opens up to her. When they get trapped together during a storm, he claims he’d rather be alone than with anyone else, including her.

With his bandmates out of sorts, Travis is left feeling like it’s up to him to solve their problems. But how can he when everyone is always trying to keep him in line?