"The way this author writes, normal life is filled with innocent wonder."

John Z., Amazon review

Less than Perfect Christmas

[Less than Perfect 3]

*Now available*

Lights, music, and mistletoe… Christmas is coming and while almost everyone in Less than Perfect is excited, D-rock is less than thrilled. He’s even less impressed to find out his mom is dating a friend’s dad!

Claire, who is eagerly anticipating her parents’ return, loves Christmas and with the band’s help, she goes out of her way to convince D-rock that it’s not the most horrible time of the year. Meanwhile, Hacks opens up his world just enough to let the band play a performance at Sunny Meadows with him.

Chloe has yet to discover who her secret admirer is. When she receives a pair of concert tickets, she takes the most unlikely guest with her. New Year’s is a perfect time for a fresh start, but it will force these bandmates to make some hard decisions.