"The way this author writes, normal life is filled with innocent wonder."

John Z., Amazon review

Spirit of Power


[Building Bridges 1] 

Dan has been turned away from God for so long, he hardly even knows where the church is anymore. He neither blames God for the hardships he’s endured, nor thanks Him for the blessings bestowed upon him. Not until a new student enters his life and makes him question everything.

Still recovering from the scars of an abusive relationship, Dove has done everything to try to re-invent herself. Everything, it seems, except for dealing with her problems head-on. The last thing she needs in her life is a scripture-quoting, tattooed, generous boxing instructor.

As Dan and Dove navigate a tentative teacher-student relationship, they begin to wonder if they could ever be more. But with so many things holding them each back, how will they push aside their fears and move forward?

Spirit of Power is a story about facing your fears God’s way and trusting Him even when the path ahead seems dark.

My Best Friend's Brother/The Summer I Turned into a Girl

*Now available on in audiobook*

Colin and Jessica couldn't be any more different. Jessica's passion for dancing keeps her far away from the soccer field that Colin practically lives on. The only thing they have in common is Cassidy, Colin's sister and Jessica's best friend. When a freak accident causes Jess and Colin to switch bodies, they are forced to learn to walk in someone else's shoes. Will they ever be able to put aside their differences? Or will they forever be stuck living someone else's life?

Read by Laurie Harmon