"The way this author writes, normal life is filled with innocent wonder."

John Z., Amazon review

Welcome to CanEdania

[The CanEdania Chronicles 1]

*Now available!*

The evil lurking in the shadows has found its way to Canada…

When a new branch of the Edania Organization opens in Toronto, no one is more surprised to be recruited as an agent than Winter. Introverted and antisocial, Win has no desire to be a superhero, let alone be the leader of her team! But she can’t say no to her outgoing and energetic cousin Ben; her sassy and smart frenemy Savannah; or the cute new guy at school, Micah.

Together they embark on a journey to discover their new abilities…and an enemy threatening their home. But they’ll have to battle through clashing personalities and powers they don’t understand before they can save anyone. How can Win ever inspire her team when she barely believes in herself?