Less than Perfect series

Less than Perfect Secrets

[Less than Perfect 1]


When Trey, the school’s football captain, and D-rock, an underachieving but talented student, find themselves sharing detention together, neither of them expects to bond. Especially not over music.

But finding out they share a common—and secret—passion leads them to seek out others like them. Soon they are joined by 12 other musicians whose lives will be forever changed. And when one of their own lands in trouble with a group of mean girls, they’ll stop at nothing to defend her.

With intersecting storylines, Less than Perfect Secrets tells a story of finding friendship through music, confidence through friendship, and standing up for what’s right. 

Less than Perfect Friendships

[Less than Perfect 2]


Strangers…bandmates…friends. Now that Less than Perfect has a name, they find themselves growing ever closer together. Well, most of them. While some of the guys butt heads, others find solace in helping their friends with their greatest needs.

When the girls get together for a special night alone, they encourage Meg to face her deepest fear—telling a certain jock/musician how she feels about him. Meanwhile, Chloe receives more mysterious letters, leading her to wonder who’s behind them.

Halloween is coming and the “knight” isn’t the only one wearing a mask. When your friendships are less than perfect, do you jump ship or hoist the sails?

Less than Perfect Christmas

[Less than Perfect 3] 


Lights, music, and mistletoe... Christmas is coming and while almost everyone in Less than Perfect is excited, D-rock is less than thrilled. He's even less impressed to find out his mom is dating a friend's dad!

Claire, who is eagerly anticipating her parents' return, loves Christmas and with the band's help, she goes out of her way to convince D-rock that it's not the most horrible time of the year. Meanwhile, Hacks opens up his world just enough to let the band play a performance at Sunny Meadows with him.

Chloe has yet to discover who her secret admirer is. When she receives a pair of concert tickets, she takes the most unlikely guest with her. New Year's is a perfect time for a fresh start, but it will force these bandmates to make some hard decisions.

Less than Perfect Wedding

[Less than Perfect 4


New year, same band. After taking a break to focus on their exams, the fourteen bandmates are together once again. Claire’s parents are home, Chloe finally discovers the identity of her secret admirer, and Meg and Trey are in seventh heaven.

But not all is well. Bryan's admirable New Year's resolution backfires, Marty is struggling with a crush he knows will go nowhere, and Hacks is still trying to find his place before he graduates.

When the band is asked to play at a wedding, they should be thrilled. But with so much going on, how will they ever pull off the perfect performance—and keep their friendships from falling flat?

Less than Perfect Prom

[Less than Perfect 5


In the aftermath of a less than perfect performance, Corbie struggles to find a way to bring his band back together while feeling so isolated from them. But nothing can keep them apart for too long.


When a mean picture of Rach makes its way around both schools via social media, the band rallies together to protect her. It’s time to finally show who and what they are. And though it terrifies them to let out their secret passion, they know it must be done.


Tensions are high as they approach the end of the school year. And prom may just be their crowning achievement. But what will it take to get them there?

Less than Perfect Summer

[Less than Perfect 6]


School’s out and the band is set to have the perfect summer. But “perfect” is in the eye of the beholder and things don’t always work out the way they’re planned.

Told as a succession of isolated events, Less than Perfect Summer showcases slice-of-life snippets from the lives of our favourite young bandmates. From a disastrous camping trip, a misplaced kiss, a family reunion, and everything in between, each story celebrates a big moment or milestone for each of the Less than Perfect characters.

Less than Perfect Fifths

[Less than Perfect 7


Less than Perfect is back for another school year, this time with some different dynamics—which leaves them struggling to readjust.

Three new bandmates have arrived from out of the country. Silvia and Kelsie are back in their home and native land, and Gianni is supposed to be enjoying his study exchange experience—but it's so cold! Meanwhile, Travis isn't a team player, May just wants to fit in, and Tyler reluctantly agrees to fill in the space Bryan left behind.

While some of the group are butting heads, others are growing closer together. With Claire and D-rock taking on the leadership role, it’s time for them to face the music—and their feelings for each other. But what if everything goes wrong?

Less than Perfect Journey

[Less than Perfect 8


After a disastrous Thanksgiving at Max’s house, Chloe and Max are left feeling distrustful of Silvia’s motives. Coming face-to-face with the reality of her mistakes forces Silvia to think about what really matters to her.

So, she helps Max plan the perfect sight-seeing trip to Toronto for Gianni, Randy, and the rest of the band. Meanwhile Marty receives some bad news from his basketball team from the most unlikely messenger: Travis, who finds himself going out of his way to make peace with the guys from the band.

With all her friends dealing with their own personal matters, Amber is reluctant to reach out for help. How can she continue to carry her friends’ burdens when her own are already so heavy?

Less than Perfect Storm

[Less than Perfect 9


The holidays should be a magical time for the band, but some of them are feeling less than wonderful. After spending Christmas with Gianni, Marty avoids him like the plague.  And while Max is looking for the perfect ring, Silvia searches for “the one”…and a date for a ball she doesn’t want to attend.

Amber is drawn to Tyler, but she can’t understand why he keeps her at arm’s length even after he reluctantly opens up to her. When they get trapped together during a storm, he claims he’d rather be alone than with anyone else, including her.

With his bandmates out of sorts, Travis is left feeling like it’s up to him to solve their problems. But how can he when everyone is always trying to keep him in line?

Less than Perfect Finale

[Less than Perfect 10


With his mom’s wedding approaching, D-rock makes the difficult decision to move out. He’ll show his love by writing a special song with Claire for Less than Perfect to record for the wedding.

But the band may be too distracted by their own love lives to pull it off. While Gianni finally admits what he truly wants, Kelsie struggles with her conflicting feelings for Corbie, and Rach comes to a crossroads about going to university with Randy.

Everyone can see that Silvia and Travis are drawing closer together before her ball. But Tyler seems to be pulling away from his friends. When he disappears overnight, can Amber and the rest of the band bring him home?

Less than Perfect Promise

[Less than Perfect 11


The end of the school year is quickly approaching, leaving Less than Perfect with a lot of decisions to make. From what to play for prom to how to celebrate their friends’ birthdays, everything is on the table.

Gianni must say goodbye to his beloved new friends soon, especially Marty, but he can't leave without helping Amber sort things out with Tyler. And though Travis receives some good news, disaster strikes for Claire, rocking her world.

As if that weren’t enough, D-rock is stressed about his mom’s wedding, and Max is fretting over the potential for his own future marriage. If there’s anything the band has learned, it’s that music can solve life’s problems. But will that be enough this time?

Less than Perfect Coda

[Less than Perfect 12


After a fun two years, Less than Perfect is ready to retire. But they'll still try to have the most perfect last summer together.

Told as a succession of isolated events, Less than Perfect Coda showcases slice-of-life snippets from the lives of our favourite young bandmates. From an exotic seaside trip and a visit with an estranged father to a sunny summer wedding and everything in between, these stories celebrate big moments or milestones for each of the Less than Perfect characters.

Less than Perfect Volume 1

[Less than Perfect books 1-3

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1777723491  

Less than Perfect Volume 1 contains the first three novels in the Less than Perfect series, bound in a paperback format. 

Less than Perfect Volume 2

[Less than Perfect books 4-6

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1777723491  

Less than Perfect Volume 2 contains books 4, 5, and 6 of the Less than Perfect series, bound in a paperback format. 

Less than Perfect Volume 3

[Less than Perfect books 7-9

ISBN: 978-1778227585 

Less than Perfect Volume 3 contains books 7, 8, and 9 of the Less than Perfect series, bound in a paperback format. 

Less than Perfect Volume 4

[Less than Perfect books 10-12

ISBN: 978-1778227585 

Less than Perfect Volume 4 contains books 10, 11, and 12 of the Less than Perfect series, bound in a paperback format. This is the final volume.