Less than Perfect series

Less than Perfect Secrets

[Less than Perfect 1]


When Trey, the school’s football captain, and D-rock, an underachieving but talented student, find themselves sharing detention together, neither of them expects to bond. Especially not over music.

But finding out they share a common—and secret—passion leads them to seek out others like them. Soon they are joined by 12 other musicians whose lives will be forever changed. And when one of their own lands in trouble with a group of mean girls, they’ll stop at nothing to defend her.

With intersecting storylines, Less than Perfect Secrets tells a story of finding friendship through music, confidence through friendship, and standing up for what’s right.

Less than Perfect Friendships

[Less than Perfect 2]



Strangers…bandmates…friends. Now that Less than Perfect has a name, they find themselves growing ever closer together. Well, most of them. While some of the guys butt heads, others find solace in helping their friends with their greatest needs.

When the girls get together for a special night alone, they encourage Meg to face her deepest fear—telling a certain jock/musician how she feels about him. Meanwhile, Chloe receives more mysterious letters, leading her to wonder who’s behind them.

Halloween is coming and the “knight” isn’t the only one wearing a mask. When your friendships are less than perfect, do you jump ship or hoist the sails?

Less than Perfect Christmas

[Less than Perfect 3]


Lights, music, and mistletoe... Christmas is coming and while almost everyone in Less than Perfect is excited, D-rock is less than thrilled. He's even less impressed to find out his mom is dating a friend's dad!

Claire, who is eagerly anticipating her parents' return, loves Christmas and with the band's help, she goes out of her way to convince D-rock that it's not the most horrible time of the year. Meanwhile, Hacks opens up his world just enough to let the band play a performance at Sunny Meadows with him.

Chloe has yet to discover who her secret admirer is. When she receives a pair of concert tickets, she takes the most unlikely guest with her. New Year's is a perfect time for a fresh start, but it will force these bandmates to make some hard decisions.