Knockout Girl series

Knockout Girl

[Knockout Girl  1]

ISBN-13: 978-1720105800 

Winner of the 2019 Indie Originals awards for Best Young Adult book and Best New Author!

What happens when a bully crosses a nerd?

When Elli is forced to move from Hawaii to Toronto in the dead of winter, she resists with all the saltiness of the ocean she left behind. She befriends a studious boy named Julian and discovers he’s being used as a punching bag for the school's boxing champion. She quickly realizes the only way to get this guy off her friend's back is to beat him at his own game.

With the help of a cute jock, a sweet tattooed loner, and a burnt out boxing has-been, she and Julian enter a boxing tournament where Julian will have to face his bully in the ultimate showdown.

Standup Guy

[Knockout Girl  2]

ISBN-13: 978-1796425659 

"Facing your fears" has a nice ring to it.

Best friends Elli and Julian are back and this time, they’ll be fighting in a huge boxing tournament with an even bigger prize. Julian struggles with his new identity as both an academic and an athlete while Elli fights for equality...and true love.

Things get rough for Julian with his focus split between school, boxing, and Cherry. When a poor decision causes him to almost ruin his friendship with Elli, he must decide: is his dream worth the risk?

Elli’s boxing team struggles for the attention they deserve from the school, so she steps up and puts everything she has into saving her team. Can she depend on Adrian for his support when he seems too preoccupied with partying, looking good, and playing hockey?

With Elli and Julian each fighting for what is true and good there’s a lot more at stake than just a championship. 

The B-Boy

[Knockout Girl 3]

ISBN-13: 978-1079925425 

Follow the rhythm of your heart.

Now that high school's over and he's left his life as a bully behind, Red finally has time to focus on what he wants: boxing. For as long as he's able, that's what he'll do.

Zara's passion for dancing is rivaled by none, but her dreams are shattered when her dance partner sprains his ankle weeks before their showcase. With no other options, Red's cousin and Zara's best friend suggests they team up.

Now Red has a tough decision to make: stick to what he's always known or find the courage to love something new? 


[Knockout Girl  4]

ISBN-13: 978-1082766312 

A Knockout Girl novella.

Cherry’s plan is simple—work at her parents’ arena for the summer, go to school for business in the fall. Everything is set.

That is, until she meets Richie.

The attractive nephew of the arena’s former Zamboni driver, Richie turns Cherry’s world upside from the moment that they meet. Not only does he question her decision to study business, but he also makes her rethink her decision to stay close to home.

If only Richie hadn’t filled in for his uncle, maybe then things would have stayed perfectly on track. But life is never that clean cut and Cherry’s about to find out that plans and fate can coincide if she’s willing to let them.

Outside Edge

[Knockout Girl  5]

ISBN-13: 978-1082766312 

Forgiveness is only a step away.

After his breakup with Elli, Adrian takes a downwards turn and trying to drown his sorrows with alcohol doesn't help him. In fact, all it gives him is two DUIs, which in turn rids him of his scholarship and his spot on his hockey team.

When he gets sent to live with his Pops way up north in Christmastown, he takes his resentment to the next level. Nothing could ever make him want to change. Until he meets Brooke and the kids she’s training.

Once on track for a top competitive figure skating position, Brooke has lost her way. Now she's being forced to help a bunch of kids put on a Christmas pageant. And even worse—she has to teach an errant hockey player how to ice dance.

Finding common ground between them isn’t nearly as difficult as a triple axel. But can the rink also help them to repair the damage of their past mistakes? Will Adrian and Brooke learn to find strength in each other's arms? 


[Knockout Girl  6]

ISBN-13: 978-1082766312 

A Knockout Girl novella

A talented boxer with poor connections and an even poorer attitude, Sofia struggles to find a sponsor. Despite being the best in her league, no one seems to care about how good she is.

Darren, the affluent son of over-protective parents, has been misguided his whole life. Now he’s trying to retrace his steps and relearn how to live his life. And he’s starting with Sofia.

Though reluctant, Sofia agrees to help Darren step up his boxing game in exchange for his help in managing her career. But when sparks fly between them, they find themselves learning a lot more than they first hoped for. Is love enough to bridge the chasm between their worlds?