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Less than Perfect Journey

*October 17, 2022*

[Less than Perfect 8]


After a disastrous Thanksgiving at Max’s house, Chloe and Max are left feeling distrustful of Silvia’s motives. Coming face-to-face with the reality of her mistakes forces Silvia to think about what really matters to her.

So, she helps Max plan the perfect sight-seeing trip to Toronto for Gianni, Randy, and the rest of the band. Meanwhile Marty receives some bad news from his basketball team from the most unlikely messenger: Travis, who finds himself going out of his way to make peace with the guys from the band.

With all her friends dealing with their own personal matters, Amber is reluctant to reach out for help. How can she continue to carry her friends’ burdens when her own are already so heavy?

Less than Perfect Storm

*January 24, 2023*

[Less than Perfect 9]


The holidays should be a magical time for the band, but some of them are feeling less than wonderful. After spending Christmas with Gianni, Marty avoids him like the plague. And while Max is looking for the perfect ring, Silvia searches for “the one”…and a date for a ball she doesn’t want to attend.

Amber is drawn to Tyler, but she can’t understand why he keeps her at arm’s length even after he reluctantly opens up to her. When they get trapped together during a storm, he claims he’d rather be alone than with anyone else, including her.

With his bandmates out of sorts, Travis is left feeling like it’s up to him to solve their problems. But how can he when everyone is always trying to keep him in line?

Spirit of Power

[Building Bridges 1]

*Coming in 2023*

Dan’s been turned away from God for so long, he hardly even knows where the church is anymore. He neither blames God for the hardships he’s endured, nor thanks Him for the blessings bestowed upon him. Not until a new student enters his life and makes him question everything.

Still recovering from the scars of an abusive relationship, Dove has done everything to try to re-invent herself. Everything, it seems, except for dealing with her problems head-on. The last thing she needs in her life is a scripture-quoting, tattooed, generous boxing instructor.

As Dan and Dove navigate a tentative teacher-student relationship, they begin to wonder if they could ever be more. But with so many things holding them each back, how will they push aside their fears and move forward?

Spirit of Power is a story about facing your fears God’s way and trusting Him even when the path ahead seems dark.

Welcome to CanEdania

[The CanEdania Chronicles 1]

I can't tell you anything about this just yet. In the meantime, check out this series.