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Less than Perfect Coda

*COMING JULY 17,  2023*

[Less than Perfect 12] 


After a fun two years, Less than Perfect is ready to retire. But they'll still try to have the most perfect last summer together.

Told as a succession of isolated events, Less than Perfect Coda showcases slice-of-life snippets from the lives of our favourite young bandmates. From an exotic seaside trip and a visit with an estranged father to a sunny summer wedding and everything in between, these stories celebrate big moments or milestones for each of the Less than Perfect characters.

Spirit of Power

*COMING IN  2023*

[Building Bridges 1

Dan has been turned away from God for so long, he hardly even knows where the church is anymore. He neither blames God for the hardships he’s endured, nor thanks Him for the blessings bestowed upon him. Not until a new student enters his life and makes him question everything.

Still recovering from the scars of an abusive relationship, Dove has done everything to try to re-invent herself. Everything, it seems, except for dealing with her problems head-on. The last thing she needs in her life is a scripture-quoting, tattooed, generous boxing instructor.

As Dan and Dove navigate a tentative teacher-student relationship, they begin to wonder if they could ever be more. But with so many things holding them each back, how will they push aside their fears and move forward?

Spirit of Power is a story about facing your fears God’s way and trusting Him even when the path ahead seems dark.

Title coming soon!

[Swapped Lives 6]

*Coming in 2023*

You know the drill. Blurb coming as soon as I finish writing the book...

Welcome to CanEdania

[The CanEdania Chronicles 1]

I can't tell you anything about this just yet. In the meantime, check out this series.