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Foiled By My Ex-Boyfriend/Holiday Stitches for a Girl

[Swapped Lives 4]


Hannah is happy for Emma and her new boyfriend, Elliott. Even if things didn't work out for her and Jake.

With Christmas approaching, Jake is more focused on his fencing tournament while Hannah's looking forward to showcasing her designs at a pageant. Considering the history between them, neither of them asked to be partnered for a history assignment–or to switch bodies with each other! Now they've traded his foil for her sewing needle. With their relationship hanging on by a thread, how will they learn to stay sharp in spite of their worlds being turned upside down?

Less than Perfect Christmas

[Less than Perfect 3]


Lights, music, and mistletoe... Christmas is coming and while almost everyone in Less than Perfect is excited, D-rock is less than thrilled. He's even less impressed to find out his mom is dating a friend's dad!

Claire, who is eagerly anticipating her parents' return, loves Christmas and with the band's help, she goes out of her way to convince D-rock that it's not the most horrible time of the year. Meanwhile, Hacks opens up his world just enough to let the band play a performance at Sunny Meadows with him.

Chloe has yet to discover who her secret admirer is. When she receives a pair of concert tickets, she takes the most unlikely guest with her. New Year's is a perfect time for a fresh start, but it will force these bandmates to make some hard decisions.

Spirit of Power

[Building Bridges 1]

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Welcome to CanEdania

[The CanEdania Chronicles 1]

I can't tell you anything about this just yet. In the meantime, check out this series.