Swapped Lives series

My Best Friend's Brother/The Summer I Turned into a Girl

[Swapped Lives 1]

ISBN-13: 978-1475210514

Colin and Jessica couldn't be any more different. Jessica's passion for dancing keeps her far away from the soccer field that Colin practically lives on. The only thing they have in common is Cassidy, Colin's sister and Jessica's best friend. When a freak accident causes Jess and Colin to switch bodies, they are forced to learn to walk in someone else's shoes. Will they ever be able to put aside their differences? Or will they forever be stuck living someone else's life? 

My Brother's Best Friend/Learning to Sing Like a Girl

[Swapped Lives 2]

ISBN-13: 978-1072564980 

It’s been almost four years since Colin and Jess’ weird body swap, but they hardly think about it anymore. They’re happier than they ever were, even though Colin’s graduating while Jess has one more year of high school.

Ian and Cassidy, on the other hand, can’t stand each other. Once an inseparable couple, they were scorned by unspoken differences between them. Then one day, they butt heads and find themselves inhabiting each other’s bodies. The worst part? Ian’s got a huge soccer game coming up that could get him a good scholarship and Cassidy’s got an audition for the lead in a musical. How will they switch back before then?

My Brother's Wedding Singer/The Art of Being a Girl

[Swapped Lives 3]

ISBN-13: 979-8671951530 

Four years after the freak accident that caused Cass and Ian to switch bodies, they are more in love than ever…and getting married!

Ian’s little sister, Emma, is ecstatic. Which is more than she can say about the fact that Elliott’s band is playing at the reception. Elliott considers the wedding to be his big break and won’t let Emma get in the way of that. Though they were once good friends, they can’t stand to be in each other’s presence—let alone in each other’s bodies! Now, with the clock ticking, will Emma have to wing it like she does her eyeliner? Can Elliott rock a good look like he rocks his bass? Only time will tell… 

Foiled by My Ex-Boyfriend/Holiday Stitches for a Girl

[Swapped Lives 4]

ISBN 13: 978-1777723422 

Hannah is happy for Emma and her new boyfriend, Elliott. Even if things didn't work out for her and Jake.

With Christmas approaching, Jake is more focused on his fencing tournament while Hannah's looking forward to showcasing her designs at a pageant. Considering the history between them, neither of them asked to be partnered for a history assignment–or to switch bodies with each other! Now they've traded his foil for her sewing needle. With their relationship hanging on by a thread, how will they learn to stay sharp in spite of their worlds being turned upside down?

Cheerfully Playing Quarterback/ Carrying the Captain's Reputation

[Swapped Lives 5]

ASIN: B0B2Z8367K 

Madison Cleaver and Tyson Dekker want nothing to do with each other. In fact, they’d be happy to never cross paths again before graduation. Which is difficult to do when she’s always cheering at his football games.

One fateful stormy day, Maddy and Ty find themselves in each other’s bodies! Now they’re desperate to switch back while simultaneously claiming they could easily live the other person’s life. When Ty and Maddy start peeling back the layers of defenses they’ve built up, they realize there’s more at stake than the upcoming football game. But with everything on the line, how will they play the perfect roles—without falling for each other?