Onepian Chronicles

Quest for Onepus

[The Onepian Chronicles 1]

ISBN-13: 978-1673738520 

Traveling alone on his spaceship, Larson doesn’t expect to have to rescue a beautiful pilot out of the sky. Unbeknownst to him, Tawni is the princess of the wealthy planet Onepus.

Generous-hearted Tawni has been running supplies to Semerde—a micorplanet full of orphans and desperate for resources and caretakers—when her cruiser breaks down. Unbeknownst to her, that's where Larson grew up and where he swore he'd never go back to.

Larson agrees to drop her on the nearest planet, but on their way, they meet the Rysons, a sweet family having problems with their ship. Meanwhile, Tawni and Larson secretly struggle over their growing attraction for each other.

When Larson and Tawni discover the truth behind their identities, will they be able to overcome their differences and let their love blossom? What will happen to Semerde? 

The RR5

[The Onepian Chronicles 2]

ISBN-13: 978-1657370067 

Rahli is determined to have an adventure of his own. With his younger brother Cammer in tow, he sets off for Galindor.

Though he’s no stranger to beautiful women, Rahli wasn’t expecting to meet any on his journey. Especially not two sisters running away from some bad men who had held them captive. Now he has a choice to make—leave them behind or take them with him?

While Cammer and Sapphi form an almost instant bond, Rahli and Jani butt heads at every turn. But as the story behind the women’s enslavement and escape deepens, Jani and Rahli find themselves drawing closer together.

With his heart on the line, Rahli now faces an even tougher decision—end the tyranny of a belligerent trafficker or stay out of harm’s way. And what will become of Jani if he fails? 

Co-Piloting the RR5

[The Onepian Chronicles 3]

ISBN-13: 979-8601786782 

The companion to The RR5, this is the story of Rahli and Cam's adventure from Cam's perspective.

Cammer has never been bothered by living in his brother Rahli’s shadow, so he easily agrees to go on a cross-galaxy trip he’d rather have nothing to do with.

But when they meet two sisters running away from the man who held them captive for years, Cam’s passive nature is tested. Rahli and Jani may not get along, but that doesn’t keep Cam and Sapphi from their instant attraction.

When Cam is presented with the opportunity to stop the trafficker who so cruelly took Jani and Sapphi long ago, he can’t refuse. Even if it’s the scariest thing he’s ever had to do.

Cam will need a courage he’s never had before to fight the bad guys. But if they succeed, will he have to let go of the one person he loves the most? 

The Last Prince of Onepus

[The Onepian Chronicles 4]

ISBN-13: 979-8606898510 

Annia has spent years trying to get over her childhood crush. So when he asks her to take on a special mission with his task force, the answer is obvious—yes.

Harper’s got one thing on his mind: taking down the man who is threatening all life on Onepus. But when Annia agrees to help him, suddenly that makes two things. And he’s not sure which is more dangerous.

All she has to do is date a certain Mr. Highmore and get some information from him. But things get complicated the closer to she gets to him…and the closer she gets to Harper.

With the clock ticking, Annia must discover Highmore’s secret in time to save Onepus. But will she lose her most cherished treasure in the process? 

To Earth and Back

[The Onepian Chronicles 5]

ISBN-13: 979-8638670283 

In order to advance his career, Officer Cadet Larson Ryson takes a one-year contract on the last planet he ever wants to see—Earth. The assignment would be easy, if not for Captain Samantha “Gruff” Griff’s constant protests over his arrival.

It's bad enough that the visiting officer cadet is young and attractive, but worse that Gruff must accompany him around the world. She hates flying and she doesn’t want to hear the long list of what’s wrong with the planet. He loves being a pilot and can’t deny empirical evidence.

But the more Lars and Gruff study the most remote corners of Earth, the more they realize how much they have in common. Can they put aside their differences to uncover the truth behind the rapid state of the planet’s decay? And what will happen to them when they do? 

Summer on Semerde

[The Onepian Chronicles 6]

ISBN-13: 979-8648641655 

Matthew Griff had a chance to create a better life for himself when he left Earth four years ago. Did he take it? No. Making the same mistakes over and over was easier. But now he’s being forced into community service on Semerde—a planet full of children.

When Katania Falloway’s boyfriend says he’s leaving Semerde with his band, her illusion of true love is shattered. She can’t go with him now or ever.

With each new summer comes new growth. Matt is forced to face his past while Katania looks towards a new future. What will happen when they let the seeds of new hope grow? 

Lost on Nagasan

[The Onepian Chronicles 7]

ISBN-13: 979-8670828864 

Owen's happier than he could have ever imagined living with his adoptive father the past eight years on Semerde. But when someone claiming to be his long-lost aunt contacts him out of the blue, he can't pass up the chance to discover more about his past.

He sets off for Nagasan with twins Liam and David, his would-be girlfriend Thalia, and her feisty friend Layla. But what should be a dream vacation turns into a nightmare when two of his friends are kidnapped. And the captors are closer than he thinks...

With a ransom, a race against the clock, and a family that just won’t quit, Owen will do whatever it takes to get his friends back. Even if it costs him his life. 

Into the Stars

[The Onepian Chronicles 8]

ISBN-13: 979-8555323866 

Leo Griff is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he’s chosen to perform on the Novian Fly-By research mission, helping keep researchers' spirits up on the long journey. He would be happy… if he hadn’t just lost his beloved grandfather. Thankfully, his childhood friend Jase is willing to travel with him, a much needed reminder of the only home he's ever known.

Sirina Arcane is still grieving her late fiancé when the next mission starts. Her best friend Geena knows Siri sees him around every corner of the massive ship they've lived on for years. To make matters worse, her father, the captain, has mysteriously requested that she stay far away from him and the other crew.

While Siri and Leo bond over shared grief, Jase and Geena prove that opposites attract. But when the four new friends uncover a sinister plot aboard the Rimornavis, how will they find peace when they're in danger and stranded among the stars?