Onepian Chronicles Stories

Bride for Onepus

[Onepian Chronicles stories 1]


(Best read before Quest for Onepus)

Commoner Patricia and Prince Raiden of Onepus have agreed to marriage. They've only met once.

As they navigate their first awkward hours as husband and wife, Raiden is alarmed to find out one of the provinces of Onepus is threatening to secede. Not wanting to be brushed off as simply the wife of the prince, Patricia presents herself as an equal to Raiden's authority.

Taking a tour of all the provinces might help alleviate the tense situation. But will it draw Raiden and Patricia closer together–or push them further apart?

*Available in ebook only

Nagasani Dreams

[Onepian Chronicles Stories 2]


(Best read before Quest for Onepus)

Blessing is comfortable working in her father’s metal shop. But it's keeping her from her dream of leaving Nagasan. When Able loses his job as an aeronautics engineer, he’s determined to carry out his personal mission regardless. In need of money, he ends up on Blessing's doorstep, asking for work.

Able is a distraction—Blessing realizes just how much when she breaks her fingers while showing him the ropes. Now she has to teach him to do her job. He knows he's an ill fit at the shop, but he can’t seem to stop coming in to work.

Despite a rocky start, they find they have more in common than they first thought, and the attraction is undeniable. There's just one problem—Able is dating Blessing’s best friend.

*Available in ebook only

The Prince's Masquerade

[Onepian Chronicles stories 3]

(Best read after Quest for Onepus)

The anxiety-ridden Prince Simeon chooses to succeed his father on the affluent planet of Onepus. He’s terrified, but everything changes when he meets a mysterious woman at his own party…and forgets to ask her name. 

Iris was never supposed to be at the prince's masquerade, especially not after her gaff of not even recognizing him. But after she runs away, his well-meaning brothers track her down and ask her to come back for a proper meeting.

Though they started off on the wrong foot, there is something undeniable about the attraction between them. But is that enough to build a future on? They'll have to both drop their masks to find out.

*Available as a reader magnet/freebie only*

Celestial City Love

[Onepian Chronicles stories 4]

(Best read after The Last Prince of Onepus)

Sampson has been given a second chance at life. His slate wiped clean and his heart overflowing with new friends, he just wants to lay low and live a simple life. But that's hard when his friends suddenly decide they need to find his soulmate.

Their solution is to have the royal tailor make Sampson the finest clothes imaginable. Regi is thrilled to comply, until he discovers how reluctant Sampson is. Regi would have written him off if Sampson would have stopped bringing him baked treats.

The only thing that seems to bolster Sampson's self-confidence is Regi's new clothes...and the tailor himself.

*Available as a reader magnet/freebie only

A Terran Wedding

[Onepian Chronicles stories 5]

(Best read after To Earth and Back)

Two years after the events of To Earth and Back, Samantha Griff is adjusting to her new life. New planet, new boyfriend, new military. Everything is going according to plan. 

But one proposal later, Sam is thrown for a loop all over again. How can she honour her future family while still holding on to her Terran heritage?

*Currently, this short story is only available for download through the purchase of an e-copy of To Earth and Back.

Me Meet on Nagasan

[Onepian Chronicles stories 6]

(Best read after Lost on Nagasan)


After Liam and his twin brother, Dave, were kidnapped while visiting Nagasan, their friends Owen, Thalia, and Layla fought valiantly to save them. One of the kidnappers was caught, but Emilia vanished. Now Layla's determined to find her and get justice for both Liam and Dave—so she tells herself. Seeing Liam's heart-stopping smile again is just a bonus.

Though Liam's gone back to his life on Onepus, when Layla calls and asks for his help, he's terrified…and excited to spend more time with the spunky woman he can't stop thinking about.

Now that they're back on Nagasan, they rekindle their romance but realize it takes more than flirty glances to catch a criminal. Can they learn to trust each other and work together, or will they let Emilia get away a second time?

*Available in ebook only