Less than Perfect Coda Inspo Gallery

Max and Chloe are all set to have the perfect summer wedding. There's only one problem - Chloe doesn't know who to choose for her maid of honour!

D-rock and Claire have dinner with Patrick, his wife, and two daughters. But can D-rock forgive and forget?

Claire goes on tour with her parents, only to be surprised by all her bandmates at her last concert in Bridgetown.

As a last hurrah, Travis and Silvia enter a couple's road hockey tourney before admitting a deep secret to each other.

Amber's chickens are finally laying eggs. Only Gertie doesn't want her to have them!

Marty goes to visit Gianni in sunny Sicily where he meets Gianni's family, friends...and ex-girlfriend.

As Bridgetown celebrates its first ever beach party, Tyler gets to work while keeping an eye on his friends. 

During a family camping trip, D-rock and Trey won't stop pranking each other. To stop them, Claire and Meg beat them at their own game.

Corbie joins the Donnelly family reunion where Trey, Travis, Hayden, and Clay attempt to haze him for dating May.

Rach and Randy spend their frosh week at Queen's together, where Rach inexplicably agrees to join the girls' basketball team.

It's the first week of school, and Travis, Marty, Kelsie, Corbie, and May feel left behind by their bandmates.

Thanks to the band's generosity, Sud comes to Canada and spends a wonderful, but heartbreaking, two weeks with Kelsie.