Less than Perfect Summer Inspo Gallery

Drowning in You graphic features an attractive couple by a pool looking like they're about to kiss.

Max insists on teaching Chloe how to swim.

Sunday gif with a cute young couple fading from a kiss to a hug.

Hacks says goodbye to his comfortable life before moving on.

Cindercella and Dwayne Johnson graphic with a young man and young woman in an ugly brown van smiling at each other.

When D-rock buys a "band" van, Claire enlists some help to fix it up.

Carnival of Second Chances graphic has a young man at night smiling at his phone and standing in front of a ferris wheel that's lit up.

TK meets an important person from his past – his bio dad.

Girls Night Take Two graphic shows the legs of six different girls wearing cute skirts and nice shoes.

The girls have another special night out, which inevitably gets crashed by the boys.

Home Sweet Home graphic featuring a group of young people around a backyard campfire. One of them has a guitar and he's smiling.

Bryan's new place is a mess, but the band is there to lend a hand.

Summer at Camp Allegro graphic features two girls about to jump into a lake at sunset.

Rach invites Amber to band camp...and finally makes her move on Randy.

Almost Famous graphic features a young woman in a beautiful grey gown looking at herself in a mirror with a curtain next to her. On the other side of the curtain is a woman in an even fancier gown performing on a stage.

Claire's parents try to involve her more in their lives as famous musicians.

Flowers for Madeline graphic shows a loving couple in a sweet embrace. The young man is kissing the young woman's forehead and they're wrapped in a blanket together.

Meg and Trey visit Madeline's grave.

Driver's License graphic shows two young men driving in a car and talking.

Hacks gets his driver's license and an impromptu driving lesson from TK.

The Audition graphic features a young woman playing the flute with a background of wavy musical lines.

Harmony frets over an audition that will place her into an ensemble at UofT.

Shoot Your Shot graphic features two young men on a basketball court, smiling at something off-camera.

Marty takes some advice from Corbie...with disastrous results!

A Bond Like Theirs graphic features two young men smiling together.

In a poor attempt at bonding, Ed invites Trey and D-rock to do yard work with him.

The Camping Trip graphic has a young man and young woman sitting in front of a tent by a campfire.

Dawn and Ed force D-rock and Meg to enjoy a family camping trip together.

Family Reunion gif showing a family eating at a table, two blond twins, twinkling lights, and a brass instruments on a table.

Trey invites Meg to the Donnelly family reunion, where they have a spontaneous jam session with May and Travis.